Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Buy Cat Food

I've been friends with several supposedly successful women in the last decade or so; at least as friendly as you can be with a species who'll use you for whatever they can get and then turn on you for the slightest imagined insult.

One thing I've noticed is that as they've grown older and more successful, most have ended up living alone with cats; either giving up on men or complaining that they can't find a 'good man' who wants to marry them.

Now, I've nothing against successful women so long as they're successful on their own merits and not because they were promoted over a more talented man. But doesn't it seem odd that their idea of success excludes the single biggest thing that a woman can do and a man can't: having babies?

The problem, I believe, is that feminist women simply don't understand men, and I admit that's hardly a surprise when they're mostly parroting an ideology created by raving lesbians. They have some understanding of their own female nature, because that's all they think about most of the time, and they imagine that lets them understand men too: after all, differences between sexes are purely cultural, aren't they?

What most women seem to want is casual, uncommitted relationships with 'bad boys' in their twenties and then marriage to a rich and successful man in their thirties who'll pay for their kids and a maid to look after them... typically followed by a fat divorce settlement from the same man in their forties.

Now, don't get me wrong. Men love sluts, and particularly rich sluts. But they sure don't want to marry one. A woman typically picks a man to marry because he's more successful than her and will provide for her and her kids. A man, on the other hand, typically wants a good mother for his kids, since in a world full of sluts he no longer has any other reason to marry. He wants someone who is faithful, looks after herself, will bring the kids up well and do what she can to make him happy as a small recompense for his acceptances of slaving away to support her and her progeny... and, last of all, someone who isn't going to divorce him on a whim, stealing most of his money and his kids. If he wanted to marry a second-rate man, he could just go gay.

A female lawyer might have a one-night stand with the twenty-year old mechanic who fixes her car, but she'd almost never consider marrying him. A male lawyer, on the other hand, would certainly consider marrying the attractive and bubbly twenty-year old waitress who flirts with him and provides service well beyond the call of duty every time he visits her restaurant.

The result is that a successful woman either gets really lucky, has one-night stands with 'bad boys' until she becomes a single mother and quite possibly loses her successful job, abandons her dream of 'the right one' and lives unhappily with some poor guy who'll she'll always inwardly despise... or settles for the cats.

I remember one of my successful women friends who'd been hitting on me then boasting about how she'd been asked to go on a trip with a rich guy on his yacht... needless to say, she wasn't hitting on me anymore. Then a few days later she was complaining that he'd stood her up. Most likely, I imagine, because he'd found some twenty year old who looked much better in a bikini than a thirty-ish career woman and would be much more fun to have around.

So as women become more successful in law, politics, academia, finance, 'human resources' and similar areas -- and note how much they grativate towards jobs that are parasitic on the real economy, not actual productive jobs like engineering or mining -- there are going to be a lot of single women in their thirties and older living alone with their cats as surrogate children.

The logical female response would be to forget 'success' and concentrate on giving men something they want. Instead, most will continue to be 'empowered' until they're empowered into childless and lonely old age, whining to any young girls still dumb enough to listen about the evils of men and telling them they should be 'empowered' and 'successful' themselves.

The logical male response, of course, is to invest in cat food companies, to live free and well off the earnings of rich feminists with surrogate kids to feed.

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