Saturday, 24 March 2007

EUSSR is getting old

So apparently the EU is fifty, and apparently it's something worth celebrating:

Actually, they're probably right. It's hard to see how the EU will survive to be sixty, and that would certainly be something worth celebrating. Far from being beneficial to the people of Europe, the EU is just another bloated socialist scam attempting to rebuild the Soviet Union in Western Europe. It's a colossal intrusive bureaucracy that adds vast amounts of new regulation while sucking up vast amounts of taxpayers' money to keep vast numbers of worthless bureaucrats in cushy jobs.

That in itself wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't determined to destroy local cultures. We're told that 'diversity is strength', and yet the EU plan is to eliminate diversity by filling every country with immigrants from every other, creating some bland Europeanism instead. Even that wouldn't be so bad if criminals and welfare-seekers from the poor countries weren't flocking to the rich countries to take advantage of their 'rights' to rob the natives, either directly by mugging them or indirectly by claiming welfare.

Then we have the Euro with interest rates set for Germany's weak economy which cause massive credit-fuelled inflation in countries where those rates are way too low. Irish house prices have exploded over the last few years thanks to cheap credit, and now that rates are rising to suit Germany, that cheap credit is suddenly becoming a bankrupting liability. Either a large fraction of the Irish population will be stuck with debts they can't repay, or a generation of kids will be unable to ever think of buying a house. Neither is a good choice.

How much longer can it be before the people of Europe say 'enough!' and mean it? The USSR didn't quite last seventy years... something tells me that the EUSSR won't even last that long.

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