Sunday, 25 March 2007

Feminists hate women

There's something I've never understood about feminism. You'd imagine that 'feminism' would be an ideology aiming to produce better women. Yet what feminists actually appear to want is to turn women into second-rate men.

Think about that for a moment. If there was a 'masculinism' movement, it would be about men wanting to be smarter, tougher and more masculine, not about men wanting to become second-rate women. We'd be demanding free porn and beer, compulsory football, and hookers on the National Health Service, not our right to be Victoria's Secret bikini models.

So why is that feminists spend most of their time whining about how EVIL men won't let them do traditionally male jobs just because they're less able? That, for example, a hundred pound woman can't get a job as a firefighter, where she may be expected to carry a three-hundred pound woman out of a burning house? Or that she can't join the Army and go to the front lines to be shot at and killed?

Now, I realise this is a rhetorical question and that the more vocal feminists are probably raving, predatory lesbians with penis envy, but what I don't understand is why so few people find this strange? How did we ever get into a state where hatred of women by women is 'politically correct'?

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