Monday, 26 March 2007

Marriage Enslaves Men

A few weeks ago I was reading a thread on a forum totally unconnected with feminism, where one of the female posters made a snide comment in one of her posts about how 'marriage enslaved and oppressed women... but let's not go off topic here'.

Now, we'll ignore the typical way that a feminist felt the right to make such a claim and then imply that no-one else should have any right to respond to it because that would take the thread 'off-topic'; so she could have her say without having to get into any kind of discussion. Instead, let's just look at the absurdity of such a claim.

Feminists such as the poster mentioned believe that men only married women so that those EVIL men could enslave their wife and oppress her. Isn't that just about the dumbest thing anyone has ever spouted to the world?

Imagine for a moment that you're a man and you like enslaving and oppressing women, so you create an institution that's intended solely to allow you do to so, and call it 'marriage'.

Does anyone in their right mind think that a man would willingly choose to tie himself to just one woman for life in order to enslave and oppress her, while having to turn down every other woman in the world? And does even someone who could believe that absurdity believe that he would enslave that woman but not allow himself to replace her when he got bored?

This is typical self-centered feminist thinking. Only a feminist could believe that she is so important that a man would sacrifice access to every other woman in the world _solely in order to enslave her_. To anyone who thinks about the situation seriously, the whole claim is crazy.

Instead, let's think about traditional marriage for a moment. The man and women marry. The woman then stays at home, has kids, raises them, cooks dinner, cleans the house, and spends the rest of the time chatting to her friends. The man goes out, spends his day digging coal down a mine, assembling cars, or clearing shit blockages in the sewers, and comes home worn out but with money to keep his family alive.

Who is the slave here? Who is being oppressed? The woman who's paid to stay at home and raise her kids, or the man who's having to spend his life doing things that not only would he not willingly choose to do, but which actively put his life at risk?

Hopefully the answer is obvious.

Now, that's not to say that men and women didn't both benefit from marriage. Women got to have kids and had a husband who'd support her while she did so. Men got to have kids with a good chance that they were his own, and his wife did the house-work so he didn't have to when he slumped down in his arm-chair covered in coal-dust or knocked back the first martini of the night after a day travelling door-to-door trying to sell brushes to house-wives. Marriage worked, which is why it was the norm for thousands of years before feminists decided to destroy it... but let's not have any illusions about who was being enslaved.

So please, cut the crap. When a woman claims that marriage enslaved and oppressed women, the only sensible solution is to laugh at them for believing such an absurd notion.

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