Monday, 23 April 2007

Islamic Nukes

Am I the only one fed up with the scare stories about how Iran might one day have nukes?

Pakistan is an Islamic nation with nukes, and is one coup away from putting them in the hands of Islamic extremists. Britain and France both have nukes, and both are likely to become Islamic states within two generations; in fact, if the American government had any clue they would refuse to sell missiles to Britain to replace the current Trident fleet. Even Russia is heading towards becoming an Islamic state as Russians find better things to do than have kids, and they still have about a bazillion gigatons of nukes; the only good news is that half of their missiles probably won't work due to lack of maintenance.

Half the nukes on the planet may be in the hands of Islamic extremists soon, and we're supposed to be crapping our pants because Iran might get a low-grade nuke or two some years from now?

Get real.

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