Tuesday, 29 May 2007

The important things in life

You're probably thinking that I'm going to talk about kids and family and all that kind of thing, but I'm not.

Right now the most important thing for the human race is to get off this planet, very soon. With fossil fuels running out and resource wars on the horizon, we really don't have much time left. If we're not living in space by 2100, then we'll probably be living in caves.

Until we have self-sustaining colonies in space, a single major disaster can wipe out the entire human race, or at least throw us back thousands of years to a point where we may well never reach this level again. That doesn't need to be a physical disaster, even a general withdrawal from the real world into virtual worlds could eliminate any further desire to expand into the universe until something comes along to destroy us (be it an asteroid on a collision course, or an aggressive alien race).

Beyond that, we need to spread out across at least a thousand light years to avoid being wiped out by a nearby supernova, which could happen in short order with little warning. The radiation emissions alone could wipe out human life within tens of light years of the supernova.

On the plus side, without venturing into 'Star Trek' and using only believable future engineering, we can manage that in 10-20,000 years and go on to spread across the entire galaxy in a million years. At that point the biggest threat will be the potential future collision between our galaxy and Andromeda a few billion years from now, which will mean a need to expand into other galaxies; a trip which itself could take millions of years. Beyond that... who knows?

Another benefit of expansion out beyond the solar system is that space is vast and the speed of light is low, so anyone who wants to be free is unlikely to be found unless they choose to be. Pick a random direction and head off at 10% of the speed of light and detecting you will be extremely difficult; perhaps at some point in the distant future someone will fill the galaxy with nanotech probes that can cover every single cubic mile, but that itself would be a vast undertaking.

The race to get off Earth before it's too late is going to be tight, and I just hope we win. I can't think of anything more important than ensuring our descendants are still around a million years from now and spread across the galaxy.

Monday, 28 May 2007

Feminism will lose

In the long run, feminism is toast, for one simple reason: they need our brains, we don't need theirs. That's not to say that men don't like intelligent women, but if they all disappeared tomorrow life would continue and many men would be better off... if all the smart men disappeared, we'd be back in the caves by tea-time.

If the men of the world get fed up with feminists, we can simply move to male communes, create an army of Natalie Portman clones with artifically restricted brains so they won't get any stupid ideas about feminism, and continue the human race. More than that, we can accelerate the development of new technology without women getting in the way; even when cavemen were busy inventing the wheel, I'm sure women were watching and tutting about 'boys and their toys'.

On the other hand, feminists who move to female communes will be continually knocking on our doors asking for a man to change the oil in their car or remove a spider from the bath. Sure, they could genetically engineer brain-dead men, but how will that help? It's the brains they need, not the bodies.

If feminists want a 'gender war', hey, bring it on; as a group men are more intelligent, tough, realistic, creative, logical, single-minded, and determined than women, and in anything resembling a fair fight, the feminists will lose. The only reason we live in a feminised society right now is because many men have been seduced to the 'Dark Side' in the hope of getting laid. When enough of those men learn to say 'no' to the women in their lives and mean it, the whole feminist scam will come falling down.

The funny part is that Western men don't really need to do anything, as any feminised culture is prey for the first predatory masculine culture that comes along. The same politically correct viewpoint which brought about feminism is also devoted to multiculturalism, which will hand much of the West over to Islam in the next few decades; Islamic states in the West will hardly pay much heed to feminists.

Even if nothing else changes, feminism will be destroyed by its own internal contradictions, and we could even accelerate that trend by a mass conversion of Western men to Islam; immediately changing our status to an official persecuted minority.

The downside, of course, is that an Islamic takeover in the West would lead to a dark age that would last centuries. So let's hope we don't have to take that route.

Sunday, 27 May 2007

Tolerance is not a virtue

One of the strangest elements of modern Western life is the worship of 'tolerance', as though tolerating any kind of behavior without complaint is somehow a virtue. So you want to rob me? Sure, I'm tolerant, have my money. You want to rape my dog? Hey, it takes all sorts, go ahead. You want to burn my house down? Why not, it's part of your cultural traditions.

The whole idea of glorifying tolerance is obviously absurd, but that hasn't stopped it becoming part of politically correct life. Of course when the politically correct talk about 'tolerance', they don't really mean what they say... it means we're supposed to tolerate anything they or their favorite victim groups do, but they don't have to tolerate us.

Fortunately the Cult of Tolerance seems to be vanishing up its own asshole. On the one hand we're told we must tolerate gay marriage and single mothers with feral kids, on the other we're told we must tolerate Muslim extremists who would stone the single mothers and gay men to death. Such a fundamentally schizophrenic belief system can't survive for long, and if Westerners don't destroy it then those who are using our tolerance to spread intolerance will.

The real reason for 'tolerance' is nothing to do with kindness and virtue; it's simply a result of the feminisation of Western culture over the last few decades. The West no longer has any sense of its own culture or the balls to stand up for its superiority over other cultures that have barely left the stone age. Westerners created the computer, the aircraft, the internal combustion engine and put men on the Moon... yet we're supposed to believe that we're no better than cultures that still live in mud huts.

Note that I'm not denying that some who live in mud huts might be perfectly nice people who I'd like to have around for lunch one day. But the idea that their culture is superior to the one that's given us almost every important invention in the modern world is an absurdity and should be treated as such.

Tolerance is a virtue in limited circumstances. If your culture has a basic, agreed set of beliefs, then you certainly should tolerate your neighbor's foibles so long as they are within those limits. But tolerating people who refuse to accept those beliefs, or, worse, are actively acting to destroy your culture, is a flaw, not a virtue.

The bad news is that Western culture has gone so far in worshiping tolerance that when it returns to intolerance of bad behavior there's likely to be a civil war against the large minority of sociopaths who have grown up in 'tolerant' Western nations over the last few decades. This is precisely why we should never have gone down this path in the first place.

Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Congressional Retards

From http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20070522/ap_on_go_co/congress_energy_1:

Decrying near-record high gasoline prices, the House voted Tuesday to allow the government to sue OPEC over oil production quotas.

There's modern government for you. When there's a problem, the solution is to call in the lawyers.

Gee, you don't think that high prices could be something to do with the world's oil supplies running out and production peaking? Or the lack of refinery building in the last couple of decades to please the idiot greenies? Or the vast array of different gasoline blends that American politicians demand across the country meaning that you can't just ship gasoline from one state to another to even out prices? Or the US military devastating one of the Middle East oil producers and threatening to attack another? Or the collapse of the US dollar thanks to the massive deficits the government has been running for years and the artificially low interest rates causing a credit explosion?

No, it's got to be the EVIL oil producers refusing to sell their limited and declining resource to Americans who are invading oil producing nations, for small green pieces of paper whose value is sinking through the floor.

How did we get to the point where Americans are electing 345 retards to Congress? Is there really no-one at all in America who could do their job better?

Friday, 4 May 2007

Why Government Fails

If you've ever wondered why almost everything government does is a total screwup, the answer is actually very simple.

If a business satisfies its customers, it gets more customers and more money. If a business fails to satisfy its customers, the customers go elsewhere and it loses money.

If a government agency satisfies its 'customers', it gets less money as funds are diverted elsewhere. If a government agency fails to satisfy its 'customers', it whines about how it's underfunded and gets more money.

Put quite simply, government agencies have a strong incentive to fail, while business has a strong incentive to succeed. Business rewards success, whereas government rewards failure. Government's motivation is totally backwards.

Imagine you ran a business where you adjusted employees' pay each year based on a performance appraisal. Those employees who did better than expected would have their pay cut because they clearly didn't need an incentive to work hard. Those employees who did worse than expected would have their pay increased to give them an incentive to work harder.

The whole idea is clearly absurd; anyone can see that if you paid people more for doing a bad job, that pretty soon all the employees would be doing as little work as possible in order to increase their pay. Doing a good job is difficult, but any fool can do a bad job.

So next time a failing school, police force or whatever is demanding more money to solve its problems, remember: if you reward failure... you just get more failure.