Monday, 28 May 2007

Feminism will lose

In the long run, feminism is toast, for one simple reason: they need our brains, we don't need theirs. That's not to say that men don't like intelligent women, but if they all disappeared tomorrow life would continue and many men would be better off... if all the smart men disappeared, we'd be back in the caves by tea-time.

If the men of the world get fed up with feminists, we can simply move to male communes, create an army of Natalie Portman clones with artifically restricted brains so they won't get any stupid ideas about feminism, and continue the human race. More than that, we can accelerate the development of new technology without women getting in the way; even when cavemen were busy inventing the wheel, I'm sure women were watching and tutting about 'boys and their toys'.

On the other hand, feminists who move to female communes will be continually knocking on our doors asking for a man to change the oil in their car or remove a spider from the bath. Sure, they could genetically engineer brain-dead men, but how will that help? It's the brains they need, not the bodies.

If feminists want a 'gender war', hey, bring it on; as a group men are more intelligent, tough, realistic, creative, logical, single-minded, and determined than women, and in anything resembling a fair fight, the feminists will lose. The only reason we live in a feminised society right now is because many men have been seduced to the 'Dark Side' in the hope of getting laid. When enough of those men learn to say 'no' to the women in their lives and mean it, the whole feminist scam will come falling down.

The funny part is that Western men don't really need to do anything, as any feminised culture is prey for the first predatory masculine culture that comes along. The same politically correct viewpoint which brought about feminism is also devoted to multiculturalism, which will hand much of the West over to Islam in the next few decades; Islamic states in the West will hardly pay much heed to feminists.

Even if nothing else changes, feminism will be destroyed by its own internal contradictions, and we could even accelerate that trend by a mass conversion of Western men to Islam; immediately changing our status to an official persecuted minority.

The downside, of course, is that an Islamic takeover in the West would lead to a dark age that would last centuries. So let's hope we don't have to take that route.

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