Sunday, 27 May 2007

Tolerance is not a virtue

One of the strangest elements of modern Western life is the worship of 'tolerance', as though tolerating any kind of behavior without complaint is somehow a virtue. So you want to rob me? Sure, I'm tolerant, have my money. You want to rape my dog? Hey, it takes all sorts, go ahead. You want to burn my house down? Why not, it's part of your cultural traditions.

The whole idea of glorifying tolerance is obviously absurd, but that hasn't stopped it becoming part of politically correct life. Of course when the politically correct talk about 'tolerance', they don't really mean what they say... it means we're supposed to tolerate anything they or their favorite victim groups do, but they don't have to tolerate us.

Fortunately the Cult of Tolerance seems to be vanishing up its own asshole. On the one hand we're told we must tolerate gay marriage and single mothers with feral kids, on the other we're told we must tolerate Muslim extremists who would stone the single mothers and gay men to death. Such a fundamentally schizophrenic belief system can't survive for long, and if Westerners don't destroy it then those who are using our tolerance to spread intolerance will.

The real reason for 'tolerance' is nothing to do with kindness and virtue; it's simply a result of the feminisation of Western culture over the last few decades. The West no longer has any sense of its own culture or the balls to stand up for its superiority over other cultures that have barely left the stone age. Westerners created the computer, the aircraft, the internal combustion engine and put men on the Moon... yet we're supposed to believe that we're no better than cultures that still live in mud huts.

Note that I'm not denying that some who live in mud huts might be perfectly nice people who I'd like to have around for lunch one day. But the idea that their culture is superior to the one that's given us almost every important invention in the modern world is an absurdity and should be treated as such.

Tolerance is a virtue in limited circumstances. If your culture has a basic, agreed set of beliefs, then you certainly should tolerate your neighbor's foibles so long as they are within those limits. But tolerating people who refuse to accept those beliefs, or, worse, are actively acting to destroy your culture, is a flaw, not a virtue.

The bad news is that Western culture has gone so far in worshiping tolerance that when it returns to intolerance of bad behavior there's likely to be a civil war against the large minority of sociopaths who have grown up in 'tolerant' Western nations over the last few decades. This is precisely why we should never have gone down this path in the first place.

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Artie said...

AWESOME, despite the vulgar I thought the premise was right on!