Friday, 22 June 2007

Helping Africa Starve

Yet another government screwup in Africa.

More than 33,500 tonnes of food aid has been delivered to Somalia by the UN's World Food Programme (WFP) since the start of the year. But in Marere district in the lower Juba valley, farmers and elders said the food distribution had brought chaos and driven down the price of maize by 60 per cent.

So we supposedly have a problem of not enough food being grown to feed the people of Somalia, and the Western lefties decide 'something must be done'. What do they do?

Musa Yusuf Ahmed, 44, was a policeman before the Somali government collapsed in 1991. Now, he tries to make a living from farming, growing maize, beans and watermelons. He normally sells a 50kg bag of maize for 100,000 Somali shillings (about £3.10), but Mr Ahmed said it had dropped to 40,000 (£1.25). "For we farmers it is a big problem," he said. "The food will benefit the people with no money but it will hurt the farmers."

Yes, ship over food that massively undercuts the local farmers as they try to sell what they did produce, and makes farming a far less viable business. So more farmers will go out of business and the food supply will drop.

No wonder Africans are starving. With 'friends' like the Western left, they don't need enemies.

Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Why Government Fails #2

Tony Blair has reportedly left Britain with over 3,000 new laws since he was elected ten years ago, interfering in pretty much every area of British life from banning fox hunting to imposing ID cards.

This is another reason why government fails; every year more laws are passed than are repealed.

Now, if you believe that government has a right to interfere in every area of everyday life, then you could justify some of that due to technological changes. As new technology develops there are new areas where laws would be required; not much point having laws about car insurance before cars were invented, for example.

But even if you accept that, if the government passes more new laws every year than are required by technological changes, then inevitably after some time everything not compulsory will be prohibited, and then they'll start prohibiting compulsory things too.

Simple maths makes this very obvious. If government doesn't collapse, then it has to progressively take more and more power until society can no longer function unless the majority of people are breaking laws all the time.

Since politicians love few things more than passing new laws, this means that any political-based culture needs to be 'rebooted' now and again to return to a state where laws are minimal and actually make some kind of sense.

I don't think Western culture has long to go before either collapse or civil war gives it that kind of a reboot.

Saturday, 9 June 2007

Twilight Of The Left

The main reason why the world has gone so crazy in the last forty years is that the left have infested the mass media and every institution run by the government; newspapers, movies, schools, universities, police, courts, whatever... if there were easy jobs where you can push your leftist views, they were lining up.

So now they control pretty much all of those things, and they're sitting there thinking 'yeah, look at me, ain't I smart for taking over Western society'.

Trouble is, they've missed something. All those institutions are outdated, antiquated and dying. We don't need to go through them all replacing the left-wingers with rational people, we just need to eliminate those institutions.

Which is increasingly easy; schools are failing, universities are turning out illiterate graduates, policing is failing, courts are hopeless, newspapers can't compete with the Internet. The mass media is dying because people are finding better things to do than watch TV, while more and more find they get the same information faster online than through words printed on dead trees. Anyone with more than two brain-cells must see that they're doomed.

Now what are the left going to do? The reason why everything they touch turns to crap is that they're wrong about pretty much everything, so they can't compete on ideas; big organisations and force combined with censorship of the opposition are the only ways they can spread their ideology. Worse than that, because they've buried legitimate right-wing opposition in the media and government for so long, a huge backlash has been growing against their idiot policies and that's now just starting to appear in earnest.

The left are going down, and it's going to be fun to watch.

Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Fixing Things

So on the Planet Neptune blog, I was asked what to do about solving the current lousy state of gender relations. As I said there, I don't think it can be solved, but with some more thought, here's a list of how we could start:

1. An end to the pedophile hysteria which primarily serves to separate men from children because no man can risk going anywhere near them when he can be marked for life by a lie. Of course despite the number of women abusing or outright murdering their kids and female teachers abusing their pupils, we all know that kids are safe in womens' hands, right?

2. An end to the feminisation of schools. In fact, an end to schooling beyond the teaching of the most basic skills required to function, as any kid with curiousity and a decent library and Internet connection can teach themselves beyond that. Schools have become youth concentration camps where kids are indocrinated with political correctness and kept out of the way while their mothers go out to work so their parents can live the same lifestyle their own parents did on a single salary decades ago.

3. An end to easy non-consensual divorce, and men will keep the house, their money and their kids when divorced; if your wife wants to run off with that 'bad boy' biker, she can go ahead, but he can pay for her. Automatic grant of cost-free divorce for any man or woman if their spouse refuses to have sex or children; that's part of the marriage deal, if you don't like it, don't get married.

4. No welfare for single mothers, unless they've been given the kids in a divorce settlement because the father was incapable of looking after them. No more glorification of sluts; men like screwing them, but don't want to marry them. Encouragement for women to marry young, rather than wait to their late thirties and discover that even if they can find a husband, it's too late for kids.

5. No more special treatment for women in the workplace, no more reduction of hiring standards so they can qualify for jobs they can't do. People should be hired on merit and not gender.

6. No more special treatment for women in rape cases. It's absurd that a woman can falsely accuse a man of rape, scar him for life in public perception even if he's found not guilty, all while no-one can tell anyone her identity. Long jail sentences for false accusations.

7. For that matter, equality of sentencing between men and women. If you murder your kids I don't care whether you're a man or a woman, you're an evil sleazeball who should be in jail for the rest of your life.

8. Massive rollback of the 'sexual harassment' industry. Abusing male or female workers in the course of their job should be punished, but sacking men for making jokes or complimenting a female co-worker is utterly absurd.

9. An end to nanny state laws, which mostly serve to penalise men. Any man who isn't mentally retarded is quite capable of deciding whether he wants to drink or smoke and doesn't need a cop to tell him otherwise, thank you very much. Nor do we need to be disarmed so that we become easy prey to criminals, who, by definition, don't obey anti-gun laws.

10. An end in general to the worship of safety over freedom. Women mostly want safety, men mostly want freedom; woman's heaven is men's hell. If you think someone else can make you safe rather than your own actions, you'll have to look to your family for it, not the state.

11. An end to the denigration of house-wives. Working in 'human resources' at Widgets, Inc is nowhere near as important as bringing up the next generation to be decent people.

12. An end to the 'sexism' industry. Men make jokes about women, women make jokes about men. It's a natural and healthy way to eliminate bad feelings with humor rather than argument and violence. Deal with it.

13. An end to zoning laws which push up house prices and prevent a couple from living decently on a single income.

14. Property and literacy tests for voting. No-one should be able to vote unless they have a vested interest in maintaining a stable society. Better yet, as democracy has proven such a failure, let's have a monarchy again.

Now, can you imagine all that happening? Any of it? No, of course not, that would take leaders with balls, and there's slightly less chance of that than of a flying pig becoming Prime Minister.

Instead, feminism will have to be proven an absolute disaster before it can be eliminated, so that the women of the world come begging for the remaining decent men to save them... and by then it will be too late to change anything; frankly, we're probably too late already.

But if we have to let Western society burn, so be it. We can rebuild a new society in its place, much better than the old. Feminists can't.

Sunday, 3 June 2007

Health and Safety at School

A few weeks ago I was reading an article about 'Health and Safety' in British schools and how teachers can't even have a school outing to a museum without filling in a ton of forms to cover their ass.

Which got me thinking back to my days at school in the 80s. The school had this tradition for boys in their first or second year, which was one of the big things among the pupils, and, in a way, separated the 'men' from the 'boys'. It also created a mass of rumors fed from the older boys to the new starters about the horrors we would face.

For two days that year we had to... go camping with the teachers.

Which would scare you a lot more if you understood that most of the teachers had done at least a couple of compulsory years in the military, some had fought in WWII, and others in the jungles of Malaysia (heck, one part-time teacher in his 90s had fought in WWI). Only the youngest had avoided military service altogether and grown up as liberal wimps... and, well, no-one had much fear of them.

So at nine in the morning we were lined up outside the school with the teachers. A motley collection of eleven/twelve year old boys with backpacks and flasks of tea and sandwiches made by our mothers; surprisingly, every boy I knew actually had a mother who considered raising their kids more important than working in 'human resources' at Widgets, Inc.

The teachers gave out maps and compasses, showed us where the school was and where the wood we would be camping in was, and told us they'd see us there in the evening. And they meant it; if we'd had a helicopter the direct route would have been about twelve miles, but any real-world route was more like fifteen to twenty. And we had to get there ourselves.

Oh, and we weren't allowed to cheat, call up our parents and get a lift out there, we had to walk.

Now, just imagine that; about forty boys in groups of two/three/four, many of them not yet in their teens, tramping around the country with maps and compasses, not a cell-phone among them, no-one to look after them, just trying to find a spot on the map.

Oh, did I mention the clouds? The rain started not long after we left in a group of three, and continued on and off during the day. We had lunch late because found a barn in the middle of nowhere that we could stop in to at least get our wet coats and sweaters off for a bit while we ate and drank. But by the time we actually reached the camp-site we were soaked.

Now, all of us arrived safely; not one was kidnapped by the hordes of pedophiles who apparently scour the countryside looking for young boys who are out of sight of an adult for more than ten seconds. The teachers, of course, were smart and had driven up in the school mini-bus with all the tents and other heavy equipment.

Of course that meant that after walking the best part of twenty miles we now had to put up a tent to sleep in, and then cook our supper, over gas camping stoves that could have burnt down the entire forest in those days before 'Health and Safety'. Then we went to bed, where the 'hard men' smoked cigarettes in their sleeping bags so the smoke wouldn't get out where the patrolling teachers would smell it; they didn't want to get pulled out of the tent by their ear and paraded in front of the other boys as a law-breaker the next day.

At midnight the teachers woke us all up. Well, the few who'd actually got to sleep and hadn't been discussing girls or smoking cigarettes or telling each other scary stories, anyway. They then led us away into the woods in the dark, and every few minutes they'd let one boy go, telling him to find his own way back to the camp; by some strange coincidence all the boys they particularly disliked were let go at the end of especially wet and muddy tracks where they were sure to slip over a few times before they got back.

Again, despite being on our own in the dark in a wood which, if today's newspapers are to be believed, was probably filled with hundreds of pedophiles, we all got back safely. To be honest, only the stupidest of boys could have failed to find the camp eventually; the smart ones had been looking out for landmarks we recognised to lead us there, but anyone who hadn't could just walk in a straight line to the edge of the wood and then follow it around until they reached the track we'd walked on to the camp site in the evening.

The next day we had various games, then got to ride back in the mini-bus.

Now, no-one was forced to go on that trip; anyone could have asked their parents to excuse them, though they'd have been considered a terminal wuss by every other boy for the rest of their years in the school. Similarly, no parents had to allow their kids to go, but every boy I knew actually had, you know, a _father_, who actually lived with his mother, and would have considered him a terminal wuss if he hadn't gone. Even if the mother didn't, he realised that it was precisely the kind of character-building exercise that young boys need, where we'd beaten the fear that previous generations had built up in us and proven we were far more capable than most adults would have given us credit for.

Today, of course, there's a pedophile behind every lamp-post, you can't change a light bulb without making a Health and Safety report first, and the country is infested with single mothers who'd never let their son go out walking twenty miles on his own with just a map and compass to guide him. I do wonder whether the school still runs it, but I can't see it myself; odds are they get bussed to the woods, teachers put up the tents and they get a worry-free night of smoking in their sleeping bags.

But, hey, kids have to be kept safe away from anything that might harm them, right?