Friday, 22 June 2007

Helping Africa Starve

Yet another government screwup in Africa.

More than 33,500 tonnes of food aid has been delivered to Somalia by the UN's World Food Programme (WFP) since the start of the year. But in Marere district in the lower Juba valley, farmers and elders said the food distribution had brought chaos and driven down the price of maize by 60 per cent.

So we supposedly have a problem of not enough food being grown to feed the people of Somalia, and the Western lefties decide 'something must be done'. What do they do?

Musa Yusuf Ahmed, 44, was a policeman before the Somali government collapsed in 1991. Now, he tries to make a living from farming, growing maize, beans and watermelons. He normally sells a 50kg bag of maize for 100,000 Somali shillings (about £3.10), but Mr Ahmed said it had dropped to 40,000 (£1.25). "For we farmers it is a big problem," he said. "The food will benefit the people with no money but it will hurt the farmers."

Yes, ship over food that massively undercuts the local farmers as they try to sell what they did produce, and makes farming a far less viable business. So more farmers will go out of business and the food supply will drop.

No wonder Africans are starving. With 'friends' like the Western left, they don't need enemies.

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ChicagoMan said...

Yup, dumbfucks on the left. However they have no concept of cause and effect so they will never figure this one out. Their solution will obviously be to send more food.