Saturday, 9 June 2007

Twilight Of The Left

The main reason why the world has gone so crazy in the last forty years is that the left have infested the mass media and every institution run by the government; newspapers, movies, schools, universities, police, courts, whatever... if there were easy jobs where you can push your leftist views, they were lining up.

So now they control pretty much all of those things, and they're sitting there thinking 'yeah, look at me, ain't I smart for taking over Western society'.

Trouble is, they've missed something. All those institutions are outdated, antiquated and dying. We don't need to go through them all replacing the left-wingers with rational people, we just need to eliminate those institutions.

Which is increasingly easy; schools are failing, universities are turning out illiterate graduates, policing is failing, courts are hopeless, newspapers can't compete with the Internet. The mass media is dying because people are finding better things to do than watch TV, while more and more find they get the same information faster online than through words printed on dead trees. Anyone with more than two brain-cells must see that they're doomed.

Now what are the left going to do? The reason why everything they touch turns to crap is that they're wrong about pretty much everything, so they can't compete on ideas; big organisations and force combined with censorship of the opposition are the only ways they can spread their ideology. Worse than that, because they've buried legitimate right-wing opposition in the media and government for so long, a huge backlash has been growing against their idiot policies and that's now just starting to appear in earnest.

The left are going down, and it's going to be fun to watch.

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MensaRefugee said...

But it will take decades :(