Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Why Government Fails #2

Tony Blair has reportedly left Britain with over 3,000 new laws since he was elected ten years ago, interfering in pretty much every area of British life from banning fox hunting to imposing ID cards.

This is another reason why government fails; every year more laws are passed than are repealed.

Now, if you believe that government has a right to interfere in every area of everyday life, then you could justify some of that due to technological changes. As new technology develops there are new areas where laws would be required; not much point having laws about car insurance before cars were invented, for example.

But even if you accept that, if the government passes more new laws every year than are required by technological changes, then inevitably after some time everything not compulsory will be prohibited, and then they'll start prohibiting compulsory things too.

Simple maths makes this very obvious. If government doesn't collapse, then it has to progressively take more and more power until society can no longer function unless the majority of people are breaking laws all the time.

Since politicians love few things more than passing new laws, this means that any political-based culture needs to be 'rebooted' now and again to return to a state where laws are minimal and actually make some kind of sense.

I don't think Western culture has long to go before either collapse or civil war gives it that kind of a reboot.


publius said...

Good point.

Everything seems to be illegal today. There are so many laws on the books, a person can break one and not even realize it. We are all just one mistake away from jail.

Yet, our politicians continue to make new laws, and there must be new revenue to support these new laws.

The more restricted with laws a State becomes, the more difficult it becomes for the populace to produce the revenue to support more laws.

A vicious circle that cannot be maintained indefinetly. Collapse or civil war will, or should, result.

Rob Fedders said...

Damn right!

These arseholes in the government here in Canada are passing laws at an obscene freaking rate as well. May they all rot in legal hell.

It is now illegal to buy certain types of light bulbs and Children's parents can be fined if they are caught tobagganing without a certified safety helmet - and anyone can be fined for bicycling without at helmet.

Of course, these helmet laws were justified by saying that brain injuries cause a massive drain on our legally imposed national healthcare system - WHICH DOESN'T WORK!

But herein comes the real insanity, and why I don't understand why people "bought into" these helmet laws.

If the government was REALLY concerned about doing the public a service and cutting healthcare expenses due to brain injuries - they would simply impose a law that requires people to wear helmets when they drive in their cars. MANY lives and injuries could be prevented by doing this - FAR more than the 1 in 100,000 injuries caused by bicycling and tobagganing.


I would like to see only ONE law passed:

Any politician guilty of imposing stupid, totalitarian laws on the masses should be punished with an immediate execution. And, since the asshats in government have passed numerous laws making it difficult to own firearms in the country, I say that we execute them with an old fashioned stoning.