Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Elephants In The Living Room #1

In modern Western culture, we have a herd of elephants in our living rooms; problems that are obvious to anyone who looks for them, but which the majority are trying desperately to avoid noticing.

One of the largest is this simple fact: most people today are economically worthless. Morally, perhaps, they're all God's children and that, but economically they're a drain on society rather than a benefit.

Britain has around a million unemployed, many of them long-term, and millions more who are 'permanently disabled', many of them for life, and many of them disabled in the last few years. The reality, of course, is that the last Tory government began a policy of reducing unemployment figures by shifting long-term unemployed onto disability benefit, and the Labour government since have continued and extended that policy. 'Permanently disabled' is now just a more politically correct term for 'permanently unemployed'.

But it's worse than that. In addition to permanently disabling millions of people, the Labour government have hired many more into worthless government jobs as 'diversity monitors', administrators, police performance evaluation, or whatever.

But it's even worse than that. In addition to the welfare scum and the government bureaucrats, there are vast numbers of private sector workers whose jobs only exist to enforce various laws; collecting taxes or advising people on how to avoid paying tax through our horrendously complex tax exemption laws, for example.

But it's even worse than that. In addition to the welfare scum and the government bureaucrats and the private sector 'law enforcers' there's also a huge financial system which exists primarily to compensate for the inflation that government deliberately creates. If we had stable money, we could simply stick it under the mattress... but since the government is printing more than 10% more money every single year in the UK, we have to give the money to the banks in the hope that they'll manage to sustain its value.

So I don't think it's hard to see that perhaps two thirds of the population of the UK are little but consumption machines who do nothing else to help the productive minority, and many who actively harm the productive minority.

Of course this is hardly new. Rome had a huge mob of worthless people fed bread and circuses whose only role was to suck dry the productive members of Roman society; this is why the productive Romans came to welcome the prospect of barbarians destroying the Roman Empire and freeing them from slavery. A competent Emperor could have turned the situation around, but not only were they increasingly inept through Rome's decline but they had no stomach for facing the mob.

The question is, what do we do about it? As Western societies grow poorer, there will be less and less money available to fund millions of worthless people. Either welfare to the worthless will have to be cut back further and further, or taxes will have to rise until they cripple productive activity; the former will cause chaos through rioting, the latter will cause collapse as the productive emigrate or go on strike.

Fixing the problem would take decades and require major political changes. Unfortunately we neither have the time or the politicians with balls who would push through unpopular changes, so it won't happen. Most likely the problem will be allowed to fester and grow worse with ever-increasing taxes until we see a revolution or total social collapse.

Sunday, 1 July 2007

'Who Is Alan Greenspan?'

Alan Greenspan was the man who could create or destroy markets with a well-worded sentence. As the most powerful central banker the world has ever seen -- probably the most powerful central banker the world ever will see before the whole idea is totally discredited in the upcoming economic collapse -- it's only fitting that he's given us the largest credit bubble that the world has ever seen.

A few years ago we listened to his every word and to many people he looked like the world's best economist. Now, as the credit bubble falls apart around us and looks like it may take down the entire post-WWII global economic and political system, he looks like the world's biggest dumb-ass.

But is that right?

I'm not so sure. Greenspan was a Randite, and a supporter of the gold standard, long before he became a central banker; that's about the greatest possible transition in economics. But did he ever really change?

In 'Atlas Shrugged', one of Rand's ideas was that the productive people of the world could destroy the looters by giving them exactly what they wanted. What most people want today is free money for doing nothing, and with his credit bubble Greenspan has given that to them good and hard. If that leads to the collapse of the US economy, the end of the American Empire and the demise of the paper dollar, hey, he was just doing his job, right?

Dumb as a rock or a brilliant Randian strategist who's laughing at the chaos he's caused just by giving people what they wanted? Who is Alan Greenspan?

'Car Bombs' in Glasgow and London

Another day, another bomb attack on the British people. Fortunately the Islamic nutters demonstrate again that they're utterly inept, and no-one but the terrorists got hurt. In a way it's almost funny that they think they can defeat Western culture with the Keystone Jihad.

Some have suggested that these may be the British suicide bombers that al Qaeda was muttering about recently, but I doubt that myself. Building a working car bomb out of household materials isn't easy, and they apparently hadn't even tested theirs to ensure they would work; even in the UK, PC Plod might raise an eyebrow if someone reported a car exploding in a remote area packed with petrol, nails and gas cylinders. Al Qaeda, on the other hand, have plenty of places around the world where they could safely test these things out before trying an attack; who's going to notice another exploding car in Iraq or Afghanistan?

Unfortunately I suspect we can't rely on the ineptitude of our multicultural guests forever; will this actually make the British government stand up and take some action before they do manage to blow up hundreds of people in a crowded area? Or will Brown just bend over and compromise away yet more of our culture in favor of Islam instead?