Sunday, 1 July 2007

'Car Bombs' in Glasgow and London

Another day, another bomb attack on the British people. Fortunately the Islamic nutters demonstrate again that they're utterly inept, and no-one but the terrorists got hurt. In a way it's almost funny that they think they can defeat Western culture with the Keystone Jihad.

Some have suggested that these may be the British suicide bombers that al Qaeda was muttering about recently, but I doubt that myself. Building a working car bomb out of household materials isn't easy, and they apparently hadn't even tested theirs to ensure they would work; even in the UK, PC Plod might raise an eyebrow if someone reported a car exploding in a remote area packed with petrol, nails and gas cylinders. Al Qaeda, on the other hand, have plenty of places around the world where they could safely test these things out before trying an attack; who's going to notice another exploding car in Iraq or Afghanistan?

Unfortunately I suspect we can't rely on the ineptitude of our multicultural guests forever; will this actually make the British government stand up and take some action before they do manage to blow up hundreds of people in a crowded area? Or will Brown just bend over and compromise away yet more of our culture in favor of Islam instead?

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