Sunday, 20 January 2008

Britain is doomed

Anyway, I've been busy lately but I thought I'd mention why I fled Britain to the far side of the Atlantic. This is based in part on a comment I posted to another blog a few months ago, shortly after I left.

In addition to myself, some of my friends have gone, another now lives abroad most of the year, and others have talked seriously of getting out; all of them the kind of skilled, educated workers who are supposed to be the backbone of Britain's future 'knowledge economy'. Before I left I mentioned to the Pakistani guy who ran the local corner shop -- and emigrated to Britain long ago -- that I was going, and even he said he wished he could too.

Skilled, professional, middle-class workers are literally queuing up to leave Britain; for example, last I heard the Canadian embassy in London had a five year backlog of emigration visa applications.

The fundamental problem is that Britain today is only a good place to live if you're a Russian billionaire who pays no taxes, or you're on welfare. The skilled, educated middle class are being screwed by high taxes, declining real wages and a high cost of living, while Muslim terrorist sympathisers and white secular 'single mothers' who've never worked a day in their lives get big handouts paid for by those middle class taxes. 'Free' housing on welfare is a huge benefit when the average house in London costs $600,000, and the 'tax credit' welfare system often allows a single mother who works minimum wage for a few hours a week to take home more money than a middle-class professional working full time.

To some the 'brain drain' looks like a religious problem because such a large fraction of Muslim immigrants live on welfare, but the white middle-class rarely interact with them; the working class and welfare class whites who do live in or near Muslim areas don't have the option of leaving as most countries require a degree and proof of skills. Nor is Islam, per se, the problem; while young, middle-class Muslim immigrants may conduct terror attacks, the older middle-class Muslims who arrived in the UK decades ago were largely assimilated and can see Britain's decay just as clearly as we do. The older Muslims I knew were more British than the teenage chavs whose ancestors had been in Britain for centuries.

Now, that said, one of the reasons I left Britain was because I don't want to live under Sharia law, but it was a secondary issue compared to the more basic one of the lousy quality of life for middle-class workers there today. I would also add that the government's open borders policy increasingly made me feel that I was already living in a foreign country so why not move to one?

Unless there is some dramatic change, in a couple of decades Britain will be a nation of rich bankers, welfare cases (many of them Third World immigrants) and government employees. That's not a formula for social cohesion, and as the welfare state breaks down, we'll see open violence between the chavs (aka anglo-saxon welfare scum) and the unskilled immigrants who compete with them for welfare and jobs.

Another of my secondary reasons for leaving was the chavification of the area where I worked to the point where I was no longer happy leaving my car parked in the street (every now and again the chavs would set a few on fire for fun) or walking a few minutes from the office to the nearby fish and chip shop to pick up some food before I went home at night. When I was a teenager there were few places I wouldn't walk at night -- the town welfare estate being one of them -- but a couple of decades later with an infestation of CCTV cameras in place of police and a mass influx of unassimilated, unskilled immigrants there were increasingly few places I felt at all safe.

Which brings us on to a third reason: Britain is being turned into an intrusive, total surveillance police state which would have had Stalin or Hitler thinking it was Christmas all year round. The middle class are harassed for minor infringements of bullshit laws, while the scum are free to prey on the middle class at will; even if the police catch them, odds are they'll get less punishment for a real crime with real victims than a middle-class professional will for driving at 80mph on a motorway. They don't even have to care about being jailed for a while, whereas with the increasing spread of 'police checks' for employment, the middle class could lose their jobs over some minor infractions.

The thee things Britain really needs are a return to the days when immigrants were expected to assimilate, the elimination of the police state in favor of actual policing and sensible punishment, and a total revamping of the welfare system which has largely supported the growth of violent ghettos full of people of various races and religions who never do anything productive in their lives but have plenty of time to be destructive. Unfortunately, those policies are far too politically incorrect to happen until there's a catastrophe which requires them... particularly as the Labour party are increasingly reliant on the votes of Muslims, criminals and welfare cases to maintain power. Their core support used to be the urban working class but they're the very people hit hardest by 'multiculturalism' and mass immigration of unskilled workers.

By the way, it's worth noting that, thanks to Britain's antiquated electoral system, Labour won the last election with only 22% of the votes. Some people have predicted a 20+% Muslim population in the UK before 2050... so Sharia law may not take long.

That's assuming, of course, that the EU doesn't ban elections in the UK well before that point.